Dissever Fighter

Although the size of what I'd normally call a Camp Knife, this piece is so slicy and swoopy (both technical terms for the uninitiated) that it seems that to relegate it to wood and kindling rather than something more fanciful like dragons and wood elves would be just wrong.

The blade is forged from 52100 round bar, and the natural forge texture remains on most of the blade bevels, with only the edge ground and hand-finished to it's final edge.

As a full-tang integral (my favorite), the curly English Walnut scales are fitted to the sweeping curves of the steel, and secured with African Blackwood pins and lanyard tube.

The sheath is a high-ride pouch style finished in...yep, Dragonskin leather.

Blade 8.3" long, 2.5" wide, overall 13.75"

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