Half-Light Fighter

Half-light is that point where the sun has set but dark has not yet set in.  It's twilight, but half-light is a much cooler word, and works so well for a black and white knife.  This slick, fast, fighter has all the feel and practicality of a true fighting knife, yet has the elegance of an art knife.  Fast from a balance point just ahead of the guard, feel from the sculpted African Blackwood handle, practicality from the take-down feature and the laminated blade.  Yet all those things are the very things that give this knife such visual elegance.

The blade is my now signature "forged to shape" laminated steel, made from 416 stainless with a 1095 core.  Notice the shape of the exposed core and the re-alloying along the cutting edge.  The Foster curved guard is mosaic Damascus with a stainless spacer.  Handle is sculpted and polished African Blackwood, finished off at the butt with a matching stainless spacer and Damascus nut.  The knife is a true take-down in that there is no epoxy holding the handle together.  Just pins and that nut.  Very strong, very tight, yet very useful. 

The sheath is a slip style with quilted tooling, a faux throat overlay and a Damascus frog stud made from the same Damascus as the fittings on the knife.  

The blade on this knife is just over 8.5" with an overall length of 13.75"

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