Legacy Hunters - Laminated

When I started making knives, one of my very first knives was a hunter, as was the first knife of most every knife maker on the planet.  For me they were not only the first, but probably the most popular genre of knives I have made over the last 20+ years.  They are useful and practical, but they are also tricky.  The need for everything to be just right is more critical on this foundational tool than most other knife styles.  

Over the years I have made dozens of hunting knife designs, with subtle changes in curves, balance, materials; all in pursuit of the perfect hunter.  Over the last few years I have introduced several standard models that have incorporated all the things I feel belong in a particular knife design, but until now the Legacy Hunter, I had not offered that in a full-dress hunter.  

The knives here all wear forged laminated steel blades, my signature curved-top guard, hidden tangs and polished handles.  The sheaths are the same style, but unique in tooling and finish.

Whether you plan on wearing the knife to the field, using it as a high-class daily carry piece or adding it to a collection, I think you'll find these knives begin a Legacy right where you put them.  

Since they are a standard model, you can let me know if you want one.  Prices start at $950 for premium wood handles.

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