Recurved Camp Knife

Another one of my "more anvil, less grinder" camp knives, this knife was forged from 52100 round bar.  This is one of my favorite steels of all time and the one I have the longest experience with.  The blade isn't only forged to shape.  The shape is born on the anvil as each hammer blow adjusts and fine tunes the shape, thickness, and balance.  The forged blade is so close that very little grinding is needed to finalize the shape.

The ground bevels are hand-finished while the rest of the blade is left with the natural forge texture in the steel.

The handle I had a little fun with.  I used African Blackwood and inserted a curving strip of curly maple running down the center.  The tiny pins are polished stainless steel.

The sheath is a deep pouch model with a distressed finish over a right handed, "V" notch belt loop.

Blade length is 9.5", overall length is 15"

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