Rustic Camp Knife

Rustic on purpose of course, like a well-worn waxed cotton jacket.  It says "Yes, I meant to leave the house looking like this."  So if that's you....

This blade is forged from 1" round 52100 to the shape as you see it.  Even the bevels and tapered tang are forged to their finished shape with only minor grinding and hand-finishing in those areas to bring the blade to completion.  The forged areas are left dark for contrast.  The resulting knife is stout with some serious  The handle is tiger maple once headed to Gibson Guitars but held back for lack of a suitable bookmatched piece, with the bamboo rattan wrap I like so much on knives like this.  The lanyard tube is lined with African Blackwood.

The deep pouch sheath is distressed, again on purpose, in a highly technical and secretive process I developed in which I lay it on the road in front of my house and jump up and down on it.  Don't tell anyone.  

The blade is 9" long with an overall of 14.25"

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