Spalted Integral Dirk

This is one of the most universally-loved blade shapes of all time.  The blade looks like a chef's knife and a weapon all at the same time.  One of the reasons it is so timeless is that it is almost impossible to make a knife blade with a simpler shape - and yet the subtlety of the proportions and curves means you could spend a lifetime mastering them.

The knife is forged from 52100 round bar, heat treated in salt, and differentially tempered.  The blade flats are hand-finished, and the rest of the steel is mirror polished.  I have been finishing integral knives like this for years, and I still love the contrast you can get in the same piece of steel.  The handle is stabilized, spalted maple with domed nickel silver pins.

Sheath is a pouch style with a "V" notch belt loop and "rack gear" tooling.  

Blade is 7" long with an overall of 12"

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