Textured Cleaver

This, yet another high-brow work horse, is built as the ultimate chopper.  Now, a chopper is meant for chopping - not little sticks, pussy willows and daisies, but heavy wood and limbs.  The cleaver style blade puts more weight forward, and gives a longer usable cutting edge than any other blade style.  Warning: If you do not have any spare lumber or dead trees close at hand when you first hold the knife, you will likely lay into the furniture before you know what's happening.  So get the wood, get it ready, and save the kitchen table.  

This blade is forged from W-2 and clay-hardened for a vivid hamon.  The spine is textured, while the rest of the blade has a fine hand-finish.  I like this look (as you probably know) because it offers such nice contrast while serving as a reminder to it's forged birth.  

The bolsters are butterfly mosaic Damascus of O-1 and 15N20.  The handle scales are beautiful stabilized English walnut, secured with domed nickel silver pins and a lined lanyard hole.  

The sheath is a pouch style, tooled with a quilted pattern, flanked by faux overlay of black leather.

The blade is 10" long, over 2" wide, and just over 15" long overall.  

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