Unicorn Cleaver

Sometimes I just need to cut loose and have fun with a knife.  Harry Potter taught me that unicorns have magical blood, so I used a dark-stained blade to slay a unicorn (they are considered a nuisance animal in Virginia and do not require a permit).  The blood left polished, silvery stains on the previously dark blade.  He, he, he...

The massive integral blade is 52100, forged from 1" round bar and differentially tempered.  The handle is satin finished African Blackwood.  The pins in the handle are antique wrought iron nails I personally salvaged from a 150 year-old church building here in Bristol.  The lanyard tube is also wrought iron, forged from a section of anchor chain.

The cross-draw sheath is also wearing a piece of that wrought iron anchor chain, smashed flat and left as forged.

The blade is almost 3" wide, just over 12" long, and is 17.5" long overall.  Despite the size, it is surprisingly light in the hand with perfect balance for chopping.  And slaying unicorns. 

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