Walnut Camp Knife

In a parallel dimension, another version of me made a knife my machining a large block of steel to it's final shape with a sophisticated piece of modern equipment.  In the theory of the multiverse, that decision caused a fork in the road where this version of me did nearly the opposite: I forged a knife from a large piece of steel, using nothing more modern than a fire.  

This camp knife was forged from a 1" diameter round bar of 52100, through-hardened, and differentially tempered.  The bevels, the profile, even the tapered tang were all done at the forge.  The only grinding done was just enough to roll the bevel to it's final edge.  The ground surfaces were hand finished, the forged surfaces left as they came from the forge.

The handle is a beautiful piece of English walnut, finished just one step down from shiny, the better to match it's subdued blade.  The little polished stainless steel pins and lanyard hole are the only really shiny things on the knife.

The sheath is a deep pouch style in a mottled finish, with a "V" notch belt loop for right hand carry.

Blade length is 9.5", overall length is 15"

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